Tips and tricks !

Here is some information to prepare your stay at the Côte d’Opale!

Powerful nature!

At Cap Gris Nez, nature is in charge. Here, no sand brought in artificially, no supervised swimming or marina. If you want to enjoy the seaside (we highly recommend it!), Here are some tips:

  • Watch out with the tides! The water rises very quickly, especially when playing on the rocks and not realizing that you are surrounded by the rising water. Do not hesitate to contact the rescue at sea (196).
  • Don’t forget your boots! The beach is full of rocks that you have to explore in search of their treasures and their little inhabitants.
  • Pick mussels and periwinkles at low tide in the morning! Wash them in sea water then in fresh water and cook them. Enjoy your lunch!

Outdoor walks

The Troubadour is a great starting point for walks! Several possibilities are available without car:

  • Go down towards the sea (leave the cottage on the left, first on the right and continue down). You have 7-8 minutes before arriving at the beach of Cap Gris Nez.
  • The Cap Gris Nez Lighthouse : go down towards the sea. After the car park, on the left, a small path climbs towards the few houses overlooking the sea. Follow it. When you can, turn left towards the stairs and follow the path, you will find yourself at the top of the cliffs, on the CROSS plateau (sea rescue), with the lighthouse and the magnificent views over England. The round trip will take 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Walk on the cliffs: go down towards the sea. After the car park, take the small path which goes up to the right on the cliff. You can follow it to Châtelet beach and even further on the GR towards Wissant.
  • To the countryside: go up the street towards the Bistro. Turn left and follow the path until the Y. Turn right to go up towards the wood. After the big bunker, take the first path on the left (right towards the sea!) Then left again towards the farm. At the farm turn left again, you will find our famous Y. The full turn will take you 45 minutes, walking at ease.
    Many other longer hikes (5-10-15-25km) also start in Framezelle (our hamlet), maps, routes and descriptions wait at the lodge!

Tips and tricks at home

Don’t panic if like us the first time, you are surprised by a flashing light on the second floor or in the apartment. This is the Gris-Nez lighthouse which lights directly into our windows! At least you won’t get lost 😉
The little patch of grass near the garden gate is a mini-paradise. Take deckchairs and have a snack, you will be sheltered from the wind and well in the sun <3.
The house is full of games, books, children’s toys, etc. These are from children and grandchildren of the family. We leave them at your disposal so that you can have good times too. Please take care!
The cottage has television and internet. Advice from a friend : leave them off and enjoy the great outdoors and your flatmates, the moments shared at the Troubadour are those that will be remembered forever! Happy holidays and enjoy!